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Lyft New No-Show Cancel Option and New Pay Screen

Lyft New No-Show Cancel Option and New Pay Screen

No-Show Cancel option

If the passenger is a no show, now you will know that you got the cancellation fee as soon as you cancel via new option. If you have arrived and waited for three minutes and called your passenger directly through the Lyft app, you will get a new option to cancel and get the fee so you’ll know instantly that you got the cancellation fee. (Note that there are some markets with the cancellation fee at $10. You will get $10 in those markets.) The feature is not live yet but will be when the Lyft app is next updated.

A New Pay Screen

The new pay screen has a redesigned payment screen to make the fare clearer and have convenient tip amounts to generate more tips. Many customers in the past were confused with the fare screen, thinking that the fare amount was the tip or not recognizing the ability to tip. I had to show one of my passengers how to tip on the existing payment screen. Hopefully this will reduce the number of $0 rides and also increase the tip rate.

It seems as if passengers who have opted in for beta testing the Lyft app will have access to the new pay screen. Passengers can read more about how to join in this page from Lyft (Join Lyft Beta!). It will trickle its way out to all passengers in the next software release in iOS and Android. See below for more information from Lyft.

 New Cancel Option for No-Shows

You’ll no longer need to wait for your daily summary to confirm whether a no-show qualified for the $5 fee. If you’ve arrived, called your passenger through the app, and waited at least three minutes, you’ll see the option to charge the cancellation fee yourself, and can rest easy knowing you’ll be paid for your time.

Keep an eye out for the new cancellation flow in our next iOS and Android releases. Learn more »

Testing a New Pay Screen

It’s here — in beta! Our upcoming releases for iOS and Android include a revamped pay screen for passengers, and we think you’ll dig it. In addition to streamlining things a bit, we’ve brought tipping to the forefront with buttons for preset dollar amounts, making it easier than ever for passengers to add a buck or two.

A small percentage of passengers have already joined the Lyft Beta crew in testing the new design. See the screenshots »

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