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Lyft Acceptance Rate Now Includes Driver Cancellations

Lyft Acceptance Rate Now Includes Driver Cancellations

The new Lyft acceptance rate now includes Driver Cancellations. If you cancel a ride, that is the same as ignoring a request. I believe this is a great change for Lyft as a whole, but bad for drivers who drive a lot as now they have one more metric to manage in order to get their power driver bonus.

This is a huge change to Lyft if you are a power driver who drives more than 30 hours a week. Power Drivers can earn up to 20% more if they drive over 30 hours a week and if they maintain an acceptance rate higher than 90%. See this post for more information: Power Drivers Bonus

Driver cancellations are very bad to any rideshare platform. It means that the customer will now have to request another ride and now delay this person even further as now the passenger will be paired up with a driver who is further away. This is also the number one reason why Lyft drivers are offboarded within the first few weeks. New drivers not knowing what they are doing cancel accepted ride requests.

See below for more information about the new Lyft Acceptance Rate:

Acceptance Rate Now Includes Driver Cancellations

Keeping your acceptance rate at 90% or higher isn’t just good etiquette – it’s necessary to qualify for your weekly Power Driver Bonus. Starting this week, your acceptance rate will also factor in driver cancellations, which are damaging to the community.

What does this mean for you? Not much, since most drivers have no trouble avoiding cancellations. Just remember:

  • Accept every ride request
  • Cancel only in an emergency
  • Know that passenger cancellations and no-shows won’t count against you

We’re always working on improving ETA estimates to make sure you’re not getting any long-distance rides. Thanks for your help making Lyft the most reliable ride on the road.

Looks like Lyft’s Community Blog caught up to this website: http://community.lyft.com/2014/10/15/cancelations-join-acceptance-rate-equation/

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