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Does Uber Surge Drop Reduce Driver Earnings?

Does Uber Surge Drop Reduce Driver Earnings?

Uber Surge Drop is a feature where it lets passengers know if surge pricing at your location ends within 30 minutes. Here is the official Uber Blog Post about it.

This feature was released by Uber back in March but I have not seen one driver even acknowledging it. Uber Drivers always keep thinking that Uber passengers are waiting for Surge Pricing to go away before requesting a ride. This is not the case.

Surge Drop is eliminating my Surge Pricing!

There are Uber passengers who are now using this feature to request a ride at a lower Uber Surge Pricing. Sometimes, surge pricing completely goes away so there is a flood of Uber requests right after surge pricing goes away. Surge pricing then kicks back in (usually updates in 10-15 minute intervals), Uber passenger opts for surge drop, and this process repeats over and over. Have you ever wondered why Uber Surge Pricing only blips on and off all night and that you almost never get a surge priced trip?

Sometimes, surge pricing only reduces so some Uber drivers are still getting some surge pricing, but not at the levels I used to get before the Uber Surge Drop feature was released. There are some people who need a ride and can’t wait, so there are some Uber drivers who end up getting the full surge pricing.

In my personal experience, I no longer get many surge pricing requests that I see on the Uber driver map. I have gotten less than 10 out of the hours I spent in Uber surge pricing zones. I always get a request once the surge pricing goes away, and almost always right after Uber surge pricing goes away. This is another reason why I mention in the Top 10 Tips to Improve Driver Income that never chase surge pricing anymore and accept any Uber request within a few minutes of my location as there is no guarantee or very little chance I will get a surge priced trip by ignoring the current request.

Have you had the same experience with Uber Surge Drop? Have you noticed a drop in surge priced trips since March? Let us know in your comments!

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