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Is Uber Sabotaging the Lyft Recruiter Program?

Is Uber Sabotaging the Lyft Recruiter Program?

Two weeks ago, I posted about the Lyft Recruiter Program. Essentially:

Here are some of the intangible benefits of this system, other than free up resources at Lyft HQ:

To all good things, there must be someone to ruin it. When it was a brand new program three months ago, it was business as usual. Recruit behavior was similar to that of the past year when employees at Lyft HQ would be handling the recruiting process. As of late, there were some peculiar recruits:

It is always a cat and mouse game between Lyft and Uber. Lyft HQ definitely recognize the peculiar behavior and changing their recruiting tactics accordingly. Lyft sent out an email concerning these tactics and different ways to handle those situations. However, Uber will respond to the new tactics and Lyft will adapt to these new strategies, so it will never end in the battle over the billion dollar rideshare industry.

Lyft Recruiters, have you seen or heard of any peculiar recruits that would seem as if they are Uber employees?

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