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UberXL Drivers Can Receive UberXL Requests Only!

UberXL Drivers Can Receive UberXL Requests Only!

To counter the announcement of a nationwide rollout of Lyft Plus, Uber had an announcement of their own today. [Update, this feature is only in select markets so check with your local Uber office if this applies to your market.]

Starting today, UberXL drivers will have the chance to accept UberXL requests only by pressing a button. Before you log in, go to change vehicle and you will see two options:

Choose the second option for the XL request only. If you want to switch back, all you need to do is log off, then change vehicles on the Uber driver app, then go back online. Its that simple!

The email noted that many drivers requested this feature and this is a great addition to Uber. I would expect the Lyft app to have both types of request (Lyft and Lyft Plus) come through to a Lyft Plus driver.

This type of change is counter to the silent change made a week or two ago concerning how UberBlack and UberSUV drivers are receiving regular UberX and UberXL requests. Uber claims that driver earnings increased in that instance so they rolled it out to all of their partners without giving them a chance to decide. In that instance, it was an opt in where they either got X/XL requests or they didn’t. In this instance, you can choose on the fly which requests you get.

I can’t be sure of how this may impact earnings, whether you can increase it or not. I would guess that it may stay the same whichever you choose. One Uber driver I spoke to said about half of his requests were UberXL on a busy weekend night.

As always, drivers can simply ignore regular X requests but it may affect your statistics with Uber and can be grounds for termination. I have heard of a few drivers offboarded because they accepted too few requests.

UberXL drivers out there, have you seen this email yet?

As you know, we are always trying to make improvements to the Uber system that will enable partners to grow their businesses and provide the best service to riders. Today, we are excited to share a special new option for you!
We’ve heard from many partners that they would like the ability to receive only uberXL requests during the busiest times of the week. Starting today, all uberXL partners will have the option to receive only uberXL requests! (You will not lose the ability to receive both uberX and uberXL requests).We have added this feature to enable our uberXL partners to have access to higher fares during peak hours. Using this feature is completely optional.
Demand for uberXL is highest between 10pm-3am Fridays and 6pm-3am Saturdays; be sure to log in to the UberDriver app during these times to increase your earnings!
How to receive only uberXL requests:
today, select the vehicle option with “(XL)” after your license plate number (ex. 123123 (XL)). If you select this option, you will not be eligible to receive uberX requests.How to receive both uberXL and uberX requests:
To go back to receiving uberXL and uberX requests, simply select your original vehicle in the driver app.
If you ARE NOT interested in the only uberXL option, just continue using your original vehicle.
The vehicle with “(XL)” at the end of the license plate number (123123 (XL)), should be used when you want to receive ONLY uberXL requests. Take a look below to learn how to switch between vehicles.
If you have an uberXL eligible vehicle, but you do not see this additional option in your list of vehicles in the Driver app, please try logging out of your UberDriver app and logging back in. Thank you for your continued partnership and please let us know if you have any questions!
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