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Lyft Plus is Launching Nationwide This Weekend!

Lyft Plus is Launching Nationwide This Weekend!

Some Lyft drivers who are currently driving cars that can seat six (or more) passengers (seven or more in total including the driver) have received cryptic text messages this week about the number of seat belts in their car. Some of those drivers have now gotten emails tonight confirming that the service will be launching this week.

Lyft Plus is a Lyft that can seat six (or more) passengers, similar to UberXL and UberSUV. Many Lyft drivers were demanding Lyft come out with a six passenger option once UberXL was launched.

The pricing will be 1.5X the rate of a normal Lyft, which is less than the current rate of Lyft Plus in San Francisco. The minimum fare will be $7 but everything else (base charge, cost per mile and minute) will go up by 50% for Lyft Plus.

Lyft Plus has been in San Francisco for the last four and a half months: Lyft Launches Premium SUV service. Lyft has stated they are lowering the Lyft Plus rates at launch, which includes San Francisco. By comparison, UberXL rates are about 1.75x-2x the UberX rate across 24 out of the 100+ US cities they operate in (as of 9-9-2014).

Starting today, if your car has six or more extra seatbelts, you’ll have the opportunity to get Lyft Plus requests. Use this form to let us know if you qualify and didn’t receive our recent text:

Yes, I have at least six extra seatbelts!

Below is the chart (as of 9-9-2014) of the Lyft and Lyft Plus rates in San Francisco. You can see that the Lyft Plus rates are about double that of a regular Lyft.


Trust & Safety Fee$1.00
Base Charge$2.25
Cancel Penalty$5.00
Cost Minimum$5.00
Cost Per Mile$1.35
Cost Per Minute$0.27


Trust & Safety Fee$1.00
Base Charge$5.00
Cancel Penalty$5.00
Cost Minimum$10.00
Cost Per Mile$3.00
Cost Per Minute$0.50

What do you think about Lyft launching a six passenger version of their popular rideshare service? Will this new change get more Uber drivers to convert to Lyft?

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