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Why I Hate the New Uber Driver Dashboard

Why I Hate the New Uber Driver Dashboard

Driver Partner - 2014-09-09

First it was the fare reductions and now this? Why does Uber always have to mess up a good thing?

The change to the new Uber Driver dashboard today removes a lot of useful features, as you can see in my original post a few months ago. The new interface looks great but they put form over function. Here are the things I spotted that are missing from the new Uber Driver dashboard:





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[Update: You can get the old dashboard back by going to https://partners.uber.com/#!/dashboard, then click “stop” on your browser (an X if you can find one) before the new interface loads. For the most part, none of the data should load. Now click the drop down menu on “show _ days of data” (the 30 shows below) to anything else and the rest of the data will show up and not go onto the new interface!]

Anything changes I may have missed? Comment below or leave a comment on my Facebook Page!



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