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Lyft Earn $250 $5000 First Month Guaranteed

Lyft Earn $250 $5000 First Month Guaranteed

[Update: The newest offer is $500/$1500 a week for a month for new drivers. See this post for more information.]

Lyft has a new signup bonus and offer for any new driver. This doesn’t seem to be a public offer but I received it via text message.

You can sign up on my referral form: Lyft Referral Form

You will get $5000 guaranteed in the first month, but will be subject to the below requirements:

  • New Drivers Only.
  • Complete more than 90% of requested rides.
  • Complete at least 1 ride per hour.
  • Offer not valid with other promotions.
  • Minimum 50hr/week

Because of Lyft Power Bonuses, you can keep 100% of the fares if you drive 50 hours and over so it’s a great promotion for those full time drivers. On average, you can make up to 20% more on Lyft than Uber.

If you reside in NYC, the offer is $500 signup bonus and $10k First Month Guaranteed.

I spoke to the Lyft employee and there already has been a large turnout for this promotion.  Hopefully it won’t be ending soon!

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