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How to Uber and Lyft Drivers get TLC License in New York City

How to get TLC License in New York City

With so many great promotions from Uber ($500 signup bonus, $5000 in your first month) and Lyft ($500 bonus and $10000 in your first month), it is starting to make sense for some people to change jobs so they can work for Lyft or Uber.

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At this time, both services require TLC plates to operate on their rideshare platform.

Below are the detailed instructions on how to do that.

  1. Fill out the application (TLC Driver License Application – NYC.gov)
    • For NJ, PA, CT drivers – get your Certified Abstract (State Driver Record) at the DMV. It must be stamped or sealed and can not be dated more than thirty (30) days from the date you submit your application to the TLC.
  2. Go to TLC office on Long Island: You will get fingerprinted in the office
    • There is another office in Staten Island, but the wait at the Long Island office may be shorter.
  3. Take drug test which is close to TLC building.
  4. You will pay around $200 for the above requirements.
  5. The wait is about 3 months for your TLC license
    • If you need to wait for your TLC license, Lyft recommends starting to drive in NJ to earn extra income in the meantime.
  6. After you get TLC license Lyft will provide the letter which you take with to TLC appointment
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    • During this visit you will get your plates, car inspected, and your diamond sticker
  7. You have to put down around $2000 for commercial insurance and pay 400-600$ a month on the top, depending on the car. Be ready to provide a copy of the title.
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