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Lyft Tap to Arrive Button and No-Show Fee

Lyft Tap to Arrive Button and No-Show Fee

In the most recent version of the Lyft Community Spotlight, there were a few major changes:

Tap to Arrive

This is right out of Uber’s feature list. I actually liked Lyft’s automatic system of determining your proximity and then changing the status to arriving now.

No-Show Fee

This has been a long awaited feature. Before, there was no consequence of no-shows so passenger could just not cancel and force the driver to cancel so they wouldn’t have to pay the fee. Now, the driver can mark the passenger as no-show if the passenger does not respond and does not come out within 3 minutes of the driver showing up. I believe this is timed with the arriving now button. This feature will add a few $5 bills into a drivers account for the night, which could turn it from a bad night to a decent night to cover the lost of time for the no-show passenger.

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