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Uber Minimum Driver Age Now 21

Uber Minimum Driver Age Now 21

I emailed the local office recently and they replied that the minimum driver age for Uber is 21!

Earlier in the year, only Sidecar had a minimum age of 21, while both Lyft and Uber was 23. The age requirement for Lyft was posted on their website while Uber’s seemed to be through word of mouth and random posts online.

Lyft then recently updated their driver minimum age to 21 (read this post for more information). At the same time, Lyft also started to allow commercial plates.

During this whole change, I didn’t bother asking if Uber lowered their age to match what Lyft was doing. Also, none of us got any emails concerning this about Uber. I had a friend who was interested in signing up but he wouldn’t turn 23 until early next year and lamented the minimum driver age. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to email the local office about it. Within about five minutes I got a reply saying it was 21. I replied back, asking if this is a new policy since what many people believe is that the minimum age was 23. The Uber representative didn’t have more information on that.

Why Did Uber Lower the Minimum Age?

I believe that Uber needs to relax their requirements in order to expand their driver pool. People in their early 20s would be more likely to drive on Uber and Lyft due to its flexibility and ease of onboarding. There are also many college graduates who can’t find a job and this would be a great short term job while they find something more permanent. In addition, this is a great seasonal job for the summer and also during the winter holidays.

Another reason is that they probably negotiated with their insurance company to insure drivers that are between 21-23. When they first started, they were at the mercy of their insurance company. Since Uber has grew so fast in such a short period of time, they now have enough leverage to renegotiate their insurance terms to include higher risk drivers, such as those between the ages of 21-23.

Are there any Uber drivers out there currently 21? If so, leave a comment below!

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