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Sidecar Limits New Drivers to $1 Multiplier and $5 Min Fare

Sidecar Limits New Drivers to $1 Multiplier and $5 Min Fare

New Sidecar drivers are now limited to a maximum of 1x multiplier and $5 minimum fare for their first 15 rides. 25 rides. [Update 11-10-14: You can’t set your own multiplier at any hours like before. You can only raise your multiplier during “peak” hours, such as weekday mornings, weeknights, and weekend nights]

With Sidecar, you can set your limit so that you only see ride requests above a certain multiplier and minimum fare. The multiplier can be as high as 3x and minimum fare as high as $15. From the passenger app, they put in their starting location (usually GPS location) and their destination, and they get a list of cars with the associated prices. Now, new drivers will be limited to 1x and $5 min fare for the first 15 rides.

I think this is a good change for the app for new drivers as they will see all requests and more likely to accept a ride or two. On the old system, many drivers (including myself) would set it to very high limits so I would rarely get any requests. I don’t think this will get more drivers to sign up for Sidecar, but more new Sidecar drivers to give out more rides.

I hope this change will help sidecar increase their market share as with more competition generates better compensation and signup bonuses for new drivers.

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