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Lyft Drivers Can Earn $500 on Uber After 20 Trips

Lyft Drivers Can Earn $500 on Uber After 20 Trips

Uber has been aggressive lately in hiring more drivers, especially from their rivals. Uber has receive new funding, which means they have the money to go after new drivers, including those who work for their competitors. It is an effort to increase their own driver pool while potentially taking drivers from Lyft.

Many Lyft drivers prefer to drive for Lyft over Uber, but if they are giving out $500, why not take advantage of the offer? It is best to try out as many services as possible so you can decide for yourself which one you like and also which one earns you more money. I have to admit that I earn slightly more on Uber because it keeps me busier and surge pricing tends to be slightly higher on Uber. There are plenty of drivers who earn more on Lyft but it is different for everyone.

$500 Bonus For Lyft Drivers on Uber

When Lyft drivers sign up to drive on Uber, they will get $500 after 20 trips on Uber! I normally do 2-3 rides an hour and it normally takes me 8 hours to complete 20 trips. As long as a Lyft Driver has completed 5 Lyfts, they can apply to drive as a new driver on Uber and get the $500! The bonus is paid out after 20 trips. Its that simple!

Want to make more with Uber? Now’s your chance to get $500 cash, just for giving uberX a spin and taking 20 trips.

  • New uberX partners only
  • Lyft Drivers must complete at least 5 Lyfts to be eligible for Uber promotion
  • Must complete 20 trips on Uber in 30 days to be eligible for $500 incentive

You will normally see the $500 bonus pay out on the weekly pay statement after your 20th trip. It may take an extra week, but it normally pays out that week.

Make sure to email support@uber.com to confirm the bonus. It may not be available in your market or they may have changed it since the publication of this post.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up directly on our form! Use the link below!

Click here to sign up!

Have more questions about Uber or Lyft? Head on over to our Rideshare Driver Training Course! Driver Promotions
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