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Lyft Mentor Series: Should you be a Lyft Mentor?

Lyft Mentor Series: Should you be a Lyft Mentor?

This post will discuss whether you should be a Lyft mentor or not.

Lyft Mentor Series:

Should you be a Lyft Mentor?

There are some drivers who think that getting a 4.9 rating over their first 10 Lyfts is enough to get them to be a Lyft mentor. This is usually not enough.

From what I have seen, your rating should be above a 4.9 over your first 70-100 Lyfts before you can become a mentor. Many people hit this mark rather quickly so there have been a few mentors who have only been driving for 2-3 weeks. I wouldn’t personally recommend a person like this but based on their Lyft record, they should be a mentor, but not that soon.

There are a few drivers who was invited to be a mentor after about 30 rides. The number of rides may depend on the demand for mentors in your city, but either way you need to maintain a high rating near 4.9 to be recommended to be a mentor.

If you have over 100 Lyfts and a high rating, you can go to the online help system and submit your message that way to ask if you can be invited to be a mentor. The link is: https://www.lyft.com/help/contact/driver/16/0. They may say no but it doesn’t hurt to ask. They Lyft system doesn’t catch everyone so you may have been skipped over for a number of reasons related to the algorithm they have so it is best to contact them if you think you should be a mentor.

On the flip side, don’t feel like you don’t deserve it if you get recommended to be a mentor. Consider it to be an honor and a good opportunity to do something more for the Lyft community. Mentors have a lot of responsibility in accurately judging mentees. It definitely took me a bit of time before I honed in on how to accurately judge mentees so don’t be too nervous about it.

I would recommend everyone who was invited to be a mentor to try it out a few times. If it’s not for you then going forward, ignore all mentor requests and keep driving. There is no pressure for you to actually accept mentor requests. Mentor requests only come in between 7am-6pm, depending on the season. In Boston, it used to be 8am-4pm during the winter.

I want to note that mentor requests can take a bit of time. It usually takes about a solid 30-45 minutes to properly evaluate a mentee and usually takes anywhere between 10-20 minutes for the mentee to show up. Sometimes the mentee have a bunch of questions, which can take some time to answer. You earn $35 for every mentoring session so you are roughly earning about $35 an hour. Sometimes it can take longer for the mentee to show up and for the test drive. Some sessions may take up to 90 minutes from start to finish and you cannot accept any other Lyft requests in the meantime. If you plan on driving 8 hours during the day, it may be good to ignore a few mentor requests as it can be pretty disruptive.

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