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Lyft Mentor Series: Mentor Summary and Rating

Lyft Mentor Series: Mentor Summary and Rating

This post will show you the Mentor Summary. I have heard that they are in the process of updating the mentor summary and a new blog post will be made to show the updates.

Lyft Mentor Series:

Mentor Summary

The mentor summary comes out weekly on Monday. It usually hits my inbox around late morning. There are a few sections to this summary:


Like in my previous post, the statistics are rather new to Lyft and HQ is still trying to determine how best to use this data. This will show you how well you are doing relative to top teams in your area.

Mentee Summary:

The next part of the mentor summary shows you which of your mentees need help. They are listed as one of two things:

·        Rating: It is below the benchmark of 4.8. For these mentees, definitely reach out to them to see what is going on. If they have a low rating, either they will stop driving because they are frustrated with driving on Lyft or get kicked out on Lyft. We don’t want that. Mentors should try to reach out to see what the issue is. Sometimes you can find out what they are doing wrong and can help them improve. I have heard that taking a test Lyft with them can help you evaluate their driving.

·        Number of Lyfts: If this number is under 30, they will be flagged for it, despite them being a good driver. If I see over the past two weeks they haven’t driven due to the past two mentor summaries, I will reach out and ask what’s going on.

Rising Stars

The next section will list your “rising stars,” which have really good ratings. You won’t see their rating but the number of Lyfts they have provided. The number of lyfts will be in green to note their good rating, which is above 4.8.

Keep an eye on your rising stars. I only have one that has 100+ lyfts but if you see that they have a large number of Lyfts and still a rising star, reach out to your community manager about recommending them to be a mentor. I did this and I believe a few days later, he was invited to be a mentor. Sometimes the Lyft system doesn’t properly identify every good candidate to be a mentor. I have another fellow driver who has 800+ lyfts and a 4.9 rating but never got recommended to be a mentor. I sent a facebook message to our community manager and within a few hours, he was recommended to be a mentor. I wouldn’t expect it to work that quickly all the time, but I wanted to note that it can happen that quickly.

I was told by Lyft HQ that their system to identify mentors is a bit weird and doesn’t recommend everyone that they should. Luckily, their system doesn’t produce any false positives based on their Lyft driving record. I have been told that some mentors need help so your Lyft driving record (ratings, number of Lyfts) is not a perfect way to determine who will be a good mentor.

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