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Lyft is expanding into New York City!

Lyft is expanding into New York City!

[Update 2: Lyft is finally live as of 7pm 7/25/2014. Only drivers with TLC plates and livery insurance in NYC can drive in NYC in all 5 boroughs. Cars that are registered in NJ, CT and PA can also apply for a NYC TLC license.]

[Update: Lyft Brooklyn and Queens Launch Party this Friday, 7-11-2014! Attendees will get 2 weeks of free Lyfts!]

You can now sign up to drive for them with your personal vehicle (without livery or TLC license) in New York City! When it launches in a few weeks, you can request a Lyft in Brooklyn and Queens but can be dropped off anywhere. There are already ads on craigslist advertising such positions open in New York City. Lyft service in Brooklyn is not live yet and they are still in the recruiting and testing phase right now. You can be one of the first drivers to start driving in New York City without having a livery license like on UberX.

Here is my referral link to drive on Lyft: Sign up for Lyft today!

For those New Jersey Lyft Drivers, when Lyft is live in Brooklyn and Queens, they can drive there to get requests if they have to drive into the city during a Lyft. They may not necessarily get a Lyft back to Jersey but at least they can work for a while before heading back home. One of the biggest complaints from New Jersey Lyft Drivers is that they often get requests to drive into NYC but they cannot pick anyone up in NYC so they have to wait in traffic to go back to NJ to pick up another passenger.

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