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Lyft Announces Driver Perks!

Lyft Announces Driver Perks!

A few days ago, Lyft announced driver perks for those who do 30 Lyft’s a month. There are many discounts when they are eligible to join AnyPerk. See the picture below.

[Update 9/2/2014: here are some additional offers and they will be adding more every month!]

A world of perks
30 rides a month
Thanks to drivers like you, Lyft has become today’s fastest-growing rideshare company. And just as you delight your passengers every single day, we’re thrilled to show our appreciation.Today, we’re unveiling an exclusive partnership with AnyPerk to bring you a treasure trove of discounts, including 15% off your AT&T bill, as our thanks for providing friendly rides.
Something for Everyone
From discounts on gym memberships to house cleanings, movie tickets to hotel packages, there’s something for everyone with AnyPerk. Drivers on AT&T plans will get 15% off their cell phone bill, offsetting some of the data costs of running the app.There’s even a perk for #PetLyft to get a discount at the vet!
Who’s Eligible?
All drivers will have access to these perks for the rest of June. After that, give at least 30 rides every month, and they’ll automatically renew. Watch your inbox for a registration link from AnyPerk, which will arrive by Saturday.The benefits of driving for Lyft have always continued long after the ride, and there’s never been a better time to be the friend with a car.

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