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Comparison of Driving for Uber, Lyft and Sidecar

Comparison of Driving for Uber, Lyft and Sidecar

Below post is a comparison of the three services from the perspective of a driver. Each have their pros and cons and each system is different enough to co-exist, especially Sidecar if there is enough demand.

This blog post is broken out into two sections. The first section is a comparison of a few key topics between the three rideshare services. The second section highlights differences in each of the three services.

Here are some general comparisons across all three services (UberX, Lyft, Sidecar).

Here are some specific breakouts of the three different rideshare services that distinguishes them from the other from a driver’s perspective.

Lyft (Friend with a car)

There isn’t as much opportunity to make money driving, but there are many other ways to make money. If you are a good enough driver, you will be invited to be a mentor which can boost your weekly income. The driver community is amazing and drivers tend to help one another and watch out for each other. It is also great to see the transition from new driver to seasoned driver to mentor.

The passengers also tend to be nicer, friendlier and more talkative than Uber passengers. Many Lyft passengers say the same about the drivers. Also, passengers have the ability to tip but they can’t on Uber (except on UberTaxi).

UberX (Your Personal Driver)

You have the biggest potential to earn money on UberX but beware of stiff competition as there are many other drivers out there in almost any market. At times there can be high surge pricing which may be very lucrative. However, most of the time, there are just too many drivers. Also beware of the $10 weekly Uber Phone fee, which had many drivers quit Uber and join Lyft. Uber local support generally replies faster than Lyft support in SF, but the Uber representative helpfulness leaves something to be desired. At times, it can be difficult to get your hourly guarantee.


Sidecar is best for when you don’t want to drive too much and want to earn a bit of money. If you are driving around town anyway, you can earn a bit of money driving people around. In most markets, Sidecar isn’t used often so you’re requests will be far and few in between. However, if this is your only app, don’t expect to be really busy unless you are in a more Sidecar popular market like SF or LA. It is also good to run this app beside Lyft and Uber and set your minimum fare high so you can earn a bit extra compared to just doing Lyft and/or Uber.

There are some Uber black drivers signing up for Sidecar as they can do both at the same time.

(For Sidecar Drivers, check out an independent Facebook Group for Sidecar Drivers!)

(Part of the above list was taken from http://www.quora.com/Ride-Sharing-Company-Comparisons/Which-is-better-and-why-Lyft-or-SideCar written by Jim Morris, Professor of Computer Science at CMU in Pittsburgh)

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