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Rideshare for Drivers under 23: Sidecar

Rideshare for Drivers under 23: Sidecar

Lyft and Uber require drivers to be 23 or older, but Sidecar’s minimum driver age is only 21. This could be a great opportunity for 21-23 year olds to start driving to get some experience before they start Uber and Lyft when they turn 23.

[Update: Now Uber and Lyft drivers only need to be 21]

However, there are still many people looking to drive for some extra cash. A friend of mines recently told me how he was going to sign up once he turns 23 later in the year. This got me looking around to see what the age requirements are. This is when I found that Sidecar only needs drivers to be 21 and over. This is a great alternative to Lyft and Uber, assuming that Sidecar is available in your area.

If you sign up using my promo code 9xxj6 at http://www.side.cr/drivers/, new Sidecar drivers can earn $50 after giving 10 rides!

Minimum Age of Drivers

Here is a list of cities Sidecar is in:

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