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Uber Drivers: Earn $500 After One Lyft, $1000 Per Week In July

Uber Drivers: Earn $500 After One Lyft, $1000 Per Week In July

[This Promotion has been updated: Lyft Drivers Get $500 and $1500 a Week]

Uber, Sidecar, or any other rideshare drivers who sign up to drive on Lyft will earn $500 after doing one Lyft and guaranteed $1000 per week in the first month. The bonus should be taxed at the normal income rate rather than the gift tax rate of 50% as it’s considered income. Promotion ends in July 30th, 2014.

Lyft is matching Uber’s signup bonus. If you drive on Uber now and sign up to drive on Lyft, you can get $500 after one Lyft, and $1000 per week in the first month guaranteed. Since there are so many more Uber drivers, I think this is a very enticing promotion.

Sign up using my referral form below:

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In general, I made about the same amount of money on Uber or Lyft, but the passengers are much more friendly on Lyft so that’s what keeps me doing Lyft. If you are a great driver on Lyft, there are a ton of other opportunities to make more money, like becoming a Lyft Mentor. I also love the community aspect of Lyft, compared to the cutthroat isolation of the Uber driver community.

You can also get $1000 per week guaranteed in the first month, but will be subject to the below requirements:

  • New Lyft drivers in Boston, Denver, Chicago, Seattle and Washington D.C. only
  • Valid for ridesharing drivers only. Drivers must be active for more than 30 days and show proof of status by emailing a recent weekly driving summary to rideshare@lyft.com.
  • Minimum 90% acceptance rate
  • Eligible drivers must apply and give their first ride before 7/30
  • Eligible drivers must drive a minimum of 40 hrs/week, 16 of which must be in peak hours local time (Mon-Fri 7AM-9AM & Fri/Sat 11PM-3AM)
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