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Uber Launches uber XL Seats 6 Passengers!

Uber Launches uber XL Seats 6 Passengers!

Uber is launching a new service called uberXL. It will be UberX cars that can seat 6 or more passengers, which can be considered Uber van in some international locations. This is a great concept and many Uber van drivers will be making more money this way as they’re already driving around a 6 passenger car, or an Uber 6 seater. It works out to be 1.75x what uberX drivers can make if they pick up an UberX request. Uber 6 seaters appears to be nationwide but some markets do not have Uber XL.

From what I can find online, Uber XL seats started in Singapore back in March and they may been trying Uber XL seats out there while preparing to launch Uber 6 seater here in the US.

UberXL drivers will be able to pick up both types of passengers (UberX and UberXL) and they would see the type of request they get (uberX or UberXL), just like Uber Black and Uber SUV.

Here is a comparison of the difference of UberX to UberXL rates in Boston. (Remember, passengers are charged $1 for the Safe Ride Fee, so drivers will get a dollar less than the minimum fare for passengers)

Base Fare$/Minute$/MileMinimum Fare
UberX$         2.25$         0.28$ 1.45$                 5.00
UberXL$         3.50$         0.35$ 2.45$                 7.00

UberXL How Many Passengers can Uber XL Seats?

The minimum requirement is that Uber XL seats 6 passengers, so 7 people including the driver.

Uber 6 Seater

Here is a list of popular Uber 6 seater models on UberXL right now:

Uber 7 Seater

However, there are a few cars that will allow Uber Xl seats more than 6 passengers. Below is the list from 7passengervehicleszone that will allow Uber XL seats 7 passengers, or 8 people including the driver:

Uber 8 Seater

There are a few vehicles that will be able to Uber XL seats 8 or more passengers (9 people including the driver):

Think You Qualify for Uber XL or Uber Van?

If you think you have a car that qualifies for Uber XL or Uber Van and want to drive for Uber, you can use my referral link:

Here was the email forwarded to me by another driver about UberXL:

uberXL is arriving now!

It’s been almost a year since uberX, our most affordable ride, started cruising the streets of Beantown. We’re growing up, and things just got a whole lot better (and bigger)… Boston, meet the newest member of the uberX family – uberXL.
Beginning today, May 8th, you can request an even roomier ride for less. UberXL is (you guessed it) an XL version of our uberX offering, consisting of vehicles with seating for up to six passengers – think Honda Pilots and Toyota Siennas.


  • Request the uberXL option via your app
  • Enjoy a ride for up to 6 people
  • $3.50 (Base Fare) + $.35/Min + $2.45/Mile + $1 Safe Rides Fee
Summer is fast approaching…where will you take your uberXL? 
  • Head to Mother’s Day brunch with the entire fam!
  • Get your Ultimate Frisbee teammates to the park for a match in an uberXL – frisbees not included! 🙂
  • Heading to commencement (or out of town to avoid commencement crowds)? Fare split with uberXL!

Demand for uberXL may be high, so thanks in advance for your patience as uberXL gets up and running. As always, UberSUV is also a great option for large groups!

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