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Earn $500 and $40/hr on Uber for Lyft Drivers, $1000 for Lyft Mentors

Earn $500 and $40/hr on Uber for Lyft Drivers, $1000 for Lyft Mentors

[Update 2: Promotion has expired as of 6/30. See Uber’s new promotion of $500 after 20 rides for Lyft Drivers In July]

[Update: Promotion has been extended to 6/30 to match the current Lyft $500/$4000 a month Offer for Uber Drivers. Despite the website saying $30/hr, new Uber drivers have gotten emails about $40/hr with the same conditions. An extra bonus of $100 if you complete 15 trips in your first week OR 50 trips in your first two weeks was in a separate email.]

Lyft Mentors will get $1000 for signing up to drive on Uber! Lyft Drivers will get $500 for signing up to drive on Uber! If you work 15 hours a week, you will get a minimum of $40/hr for that week. The bonus should be taxed at the normal income rate rather than the gift tax rate of 50% as it’s considered income. Read below for the full details.

Make $500 in one trip

Exclusively for Lyft drivers

There’s never been a better time to drive with Uber. Give us one trip. We’ll give you: $500 cash and a guaranteed $40/hr.*

Sign up to drive

Offer expires June 30

*How does it work?

– New uberX partners only.

– Eligible drivers must have taken at least 5 trips with Lyft from 3/1 to 5/30 and must prove status with a payment statement.

– Must complete first trip by 6/30 to to receive $500.

– Hourly guarantee valid through 6/30 and only applies to specified hours. Please consult your local Uber office for details.

– Must drive at least 15 hours a week to lock in hourly guarantee.

– Minimum 90% ride acceptance rate required.

– Current Lyft mentors receive an additional $500 on signup.

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