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Inspire Lyft mentees to 30 rides, earn $15 cash

Inspire Lyft mentees to 30 rides, earn $15 cash

[Update: Promotion has ended as of 5/23 but may come back in the future.]

In the next 30 days, mentors now get $15 for mentoring them up to 30 lyfts. [Update: The bonus pays after 30 days so even though you have mentees that reach 30 lyfts, you will be paid out at the end of the month]

So I got this email two nights ago. In the next 30 days, mentors now get awarded for mentoring them up to 30 lyfts. This is a good incentive for Lyft Mentors to nudge their mentees to do a few more rides and earn that stashe!

Lyft’s policy is to wait until the driver completes 30 rides before getting their Lyft Care Package with the stashe, referral cards, and phone chargers and cords (see link and scroll down for picture and list of items). Earlier drivers received this package before they can start driving but now new drivers can start driving as soon as they are approved.

“Inspire mentees, earn extra cash”

Inspire mentees, earn extra cash

We’ve found that drivers who make it to 30 rides ultimately have the best experience with Lyft. Reaching 30 rides also means that mentees will be sent their pink and oh-so-fluffy mustache. There’s no one better than their beloved Mentor to help them achieve that milestone!

For the next 30 days, we’ll give you an extra $15 for each of your mentees who reach 30 rides. They’ll celebrate getting a new ’stache, and you’ll earn some extra cash — and gratitude from a new driver for nudging them to help their community.

Your weekly Mentor Summary will have a list of mentees with less than 30 rides, and we encourage you to reach out to them with a call or text. Facebook messages work, too! (Carrier pigeons aren’t as fast these days.) Soon, we’ll have a guide with pointers to help kickstart the conversation.

Thanks for your help taking Lyft Boston to new heights as one of our greatest ambassadors. We can’t wait to see your mentees on the road!

Lyft Community Team
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