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uberX: New $1 Safe Rides Fee For Riders

uberX: New $1 Safe Rides Fee For Riders

This posts will cover an additional $1 “Safe Ride” fee all Uber passengers (UberX, Black, SUV) will have to pay. This will bring it in line with what Lyft currently does. UberX drivers will not be paid more or less, but livery drivers will due to their increased cost of being licensed. See below for more detail.

Safe Rides Fee

Starting today, we’ll showcase our continued commitment to safety with a dedicated $1 Safe Rides Fee, paid for by riders. For complete pricing transparency, riders will see this as a separate line item on every receipt.

This Safe Rides Fee supports our continued efforts to ensure the safest possible platform for Uber riders and drivers, including:

  • Background Checks: The strictest process in the industry, including county, federal, and multi-state criminal checks
  • Ongoing Safety Monitoring: Regular motor vehicle record checks
  • Education: Driver safety education for all Uber partner drivers.
  • Insurance: Commercial insurance for ridesharing
  • Safety Features: Constant development of new safety features for the Uber app

For now, the Safe Rides Fee will be included in the fare displayed at the end of a trip, but will not appear on the weekly payment statement.

If you are a ridesharing partner, Uber will collect the $1 Safe Rides Fee from the rider, so that this price increase will not affect your earnings.  If you are a livery partner, you already pay for some safety and compliance measures by being licensed.  Therefore, out of the $1 Safe Rides Fee we collect, livery partners will receive an additional 80 cents/trip in earnings. A sample trip fare calculation is below.

This is just for Uber to make more money. Lyft has been doing this since they started but Uber is now trying to mimic them to raise their revenue. This was probably Uber’s plan all along to introduce ridesharing without this fee and then implement it when it got popular. I will see if this impacts customer demand. I don’t believe it will as the other alternatives generally charge a similar amount but Uber generally has more cars out on the road so you can expect a car quicker than other services.
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