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uberX: Mobile Device Subscription Fees for Drivers

uberX: Mobile Device Subscription Fees for Drivers

This posts will cover an additional $10 a week charge for all Uber drivers to pay for the data plan for the phones they give out to Uber drivers.

Mobile Subscription Fee

Starting the week of May 5, Uber will begin assessing a $10 per week Mobile Subscription Fee. You will see the first $10 deduction on your May 12th statement.

You can always temporarily return the phone to avoid charges during vacations and receive the phone back upon your return as long as your account is in good standing. If you feel that you are not doing enough trips to cover the $10 fee, please return the device in working condition to Uber and we will refund any hardware deposit you may have provided.

We recognize that the Mobile Subscription Fee is an additional cost to you, but we are working every day to grow demand and increase your earnings. We’re always open to feedback from our partners; please let us know if you have any questions.

I strongly believe that this should be included as part of the 20% fee they take from all rides. There is also no way for us to use our own phones to drive on Uber so this is very unfair. This could potentially reduce the number of recreational drivers and could possibly help the dedicated drivers earn more on a weekly basis. I will monitor the number of drivers and amount of surge in May to see what effect this new fee will have.

[Update 8/29/2014] Uber has now allowed you to drive on Uber with your own personal iPhone. Click on this link for more information.

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