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Uber Boston – $40/hr for Valentine’s Day Weekend!

Uber Boston – $40/hr for Valentine’s Day Weekend!

This was the email I received just a few hours ago. They have been running a promotion until Feb 16th where they pay you $20 an hour to drive on Uber, $25 on some specific Friday and weekend hours. Well this promotion is even better, a guaranteed $40 an hour. This doesn’t limit on how much you can make because of all the potential surge pricing that will go on during Valentines Day weekend. With the snow coming in, I would think that there would be a lot of weekend plans instead of just on Valentines day.

Uber started a limited time hourly rate just after Lyft removed their floor earnings. I believe that this is working well for Uber as this is getting many Lyft drivers to drive for Uber. They are also running all sorts of new driver bonuses ($250 for completing 20 rides, keeping all your earnings for 30 days, etc). Uber drivers tend to make $20 or more an hour anyway so Uber can easily cover the minimum hourly rates for their drivers due to more overall demand on their system.

Too bad I can’t take advantage of this promotion as I’m out of town this weekend. I hope others can take advantage of it!


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Please see below for details on this high demand night, our new promotion, and a weather update.


Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the winter – last year, requests for rides were 75% higher on Valentine’s Day than the same day the prior week! With Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday night, this will likely be the busiest night since New Year’s Eve!With the extreme amount of demand expected on Valentine’s Day andSaturday night, we’re increasing our guarantee with a higher $ opportunity! If your combined gross fares are not greater than $40/hour during your Friday and Saturday night hours on uberX, we’ll make up the difference. See below for details:
  • When:  Friday night, 2/14 from 5pm-12am and Saturday, 2/15 from 5pm-12am
  • Where: See map here for our core request area
  • Qualifications: Minimum of 80% acceptance of all trip requests; must be logged on for a minimum of 2 hours each day you participate
In order to participate, you need to let us know you are interested! Please fill out this short survey here to opt into the promotion. We hope to see you out there!


We’re expecting 3-5 inches of snow throughout the afternoon today – please stay safe out there! Scattered snow showers throughout Friday and Saturday will drive the already higher demand levels even higher.

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