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UberX Series: Dashboard, Weekly Summaries, and Payment

UberX Series: Dashboard, Weekly Summaries, and Payment

Uber Dashboard, Weekly Invoices, and Payment

There is a lot of information here as well. This dashboard was really built for managers of multiple vehicles and drivers.  The uber driver webpage lists different drivers, invoices, and vehicles. It also has a feature to track all online vehicles. I do not have access to the last feature as when I check my webpage, I am always offline.

On the dashboard, it shows you your fares, most recent ones on top. If you keep scrolling down, it will show you all of your fares. You can copy and paste this directly into a spreadsheet. It initially only displays the first 50, but scroll down to see more. On the top of your dashboard, there is a small summary bar. You can set it to 1 day, 7 days, 30 days or 365 days. This is a good way to summarize what you did during that period of time.  It lists the number of rides and total fares you picked up in that time. The fares do not include the 20% fee Uber takes from all UberX fares.

Weekly Invoices

[Update 5-12-2014: Uber updated their weekly summaries to look nicer and give some more detail about your earnings. Refer to this post: Uber New Payment Statements] Under invoices, you will find all of your weekly invoices. This is also emailed to you weekly on Monday morning. The summaries are not as detailed as the dashboard. It only lists the number of total fares, Uber fee, tolls, and total payout for the week.

If you scroll down, you will see a list of all of your rides. One of the key items they left out was mileage, which would be cool to have in a weekly summary and also totaled for the week.

The Uber week goes from Monday 6am to Monday 5:59am. You usually get your invoices on Monday and it gets paid out on Wednesday. Sometimes multiple payments can happen on the same week if you have not set up your direct deposit and Rasier account properly. I had two weeks worth of payments last week. However, normally expect your payments weekly.

Weekly Driver Summaries

These summaries calculates your average earnings per hour, total earnings for the week, and your rating, and compares it to top drivers in your city. Refer to this post for more details: Uber New Weekly Driver Summaries


Payments come from your Rasier account. I am not sure why they need a separate company managing all of the money but they do. You need to sign up for an account in order to set up direct deposit through the dashboard. I signed up for direct deposit at the Uber office but it never asked me to set up a Rasier account. I had to redo it two weeks later when I contacted Uber about missing weekly payments. Make sure to set up your direct deposit through the Uber dashboard in addition to doing it during the in-person interview. I normally get an email from Rasier notifying me about my payment on Wednesday of the week, and by Thursday I’ll get an email that I was paid from Rasier and also from my bank confirming the direct deposit. Sometimes it can be late. It most recently happened in Mid July: Uber Payments Late this Week.

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