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UberX Series: Registration

UberX Series: Registration

The registration process for Uber takes place on a computer or web browser. There is no downloadable driver’s app for Uber (more on that later). You fill out a short form and submit to a background check.

You will then get a call from someone from Uber telling you more about their program and ask you a few quick questions over the phone. I got this call a few hours after I put in the application on a Sunday. That person will then enable your account so that you can proceed to the next part of the application.

You need to upload all your documents (PDF) for the registration process. This is kind of a hassle as you need to scan:

You need to upload your car insurance as well, but you should be able to load your insurance information on your browser and save it as a PDF.

One other item you need to load is your W-4. This isn’t mandatory but it can save a lot of time later on. You will need to fill it out, scan it as a PDF and email it into Uber.

It will then require you to watch a video and take a short quiz at the end. The quiz was a bit harder than I thought as it takes a bit of thought to answer the questions. The person on the phone told me that if I didn’t pass the first time, you can take it again. The quiz was not a city knowledge exam. It has to do with how Uber works.

Here were some notes from the video:

Once they process your application, you will get a text message, email or both about an in-person interview. This is mandatory that you go before you can drive as this is where you pick up your driver iPhone 4S.  As they were trying to get as many drivers on the road for New Years Eve, it was just an open house where they had a ton of staff taking care of iPhones, new drivers signup and other stuff. I believe normally it is by appointment only. I am not sure what the available hours are for appointments, but the open house was from 10-3pm, which kind of sucks if you work 9-5. They say they stay there late so it may be possible to arrange an appointment later than 5pm.

Every driver gets an iPhone 4S. The iPhone is pretty much lock down though so you can’t really use it for anything else but the Uber App and Google Maps navigation. This does make it a lot easier to drive as you will have your own phone for calling, looking up directions, etc. Inside the iPhone box will be a double USB charger for your car and also an iPhone car mount.

At the interview, they ask you to put in your bank account information for direct deposit and also fill out the W4 form. I already uploaded it before the interview so I was only there for about 10 minutes to fill out the direct deposit form. There were many people who didn’t so they had to fill out all that stuff before they could leave.

Once you are done with the interview, you can start driving.

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