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Lyft Series: Facebook Lounge and Groupme Chat

Lyft Series: Facebook Lounge and Groupme Chat

One of the most important things about any shared economy job is networking and meeting other drivers. This is where you often learn about Lyft, get inside tips about Lyft in your local market and to seek advice and help. Because there are so many of us with very few centralized resources, many drivers have created groups on Facebook to talk to each other. I have listed a few of these Facebook Groups in this post.

The great thing about Lyft is the community of drivers. This is how it generally starts. A small number of drivers are recruited and the community of drivers build from there. The community tends to help each other out and look out for one another. In terms of Facebook groups, there tend to be a mix of Uber, Uber and Lyft and Lyft only Facebook groups. The Lyft only Facebook groups are often the most tight knit because some don’t let anyone into the group unless another admin has meet them in person and/or have mentored you. Sometimes they may have Lyft staff from HQ in the lounge but often there is little oversight or membership from Lyft HQ so it can be a great place to share information and frustrations of Lyft.

Not everyone is active in this group but this can be a way to find other drivers. You may find hundreds if not thousands of Lyft drivers in any given group but you will start to notice that a few drivers are very active in the group while many will just submit comments.

Drivers in some cities have started a group chat among drivers as a faster means of communication than Facebook. In Boston, there used to be a GroupMe Chat. This is a chatroom app. Not every city has one or still have one but if you are looking for a faster way to communicate for help or for tips about Prime Time Pricing, setting up a group chat could be the way to go. However, many seem to prefer on Facebook.

This is the one thing that differentiates Lyft from Uber. The drivers form a very healthy community that looks out for one another and helps each other out. During the driver’s initiation in Boston, I heard a few stories about how other drivers go out of their way to help one another, mostly through communicating through various Facebook Groups. Some drivers also use this space to arrange small gatherings during the week, which is another way to both meet other drivers and also discuss Lyft related items. The two main events in Boston has become part of the weekly emails so every driver knows about them, but only a few attend.

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