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Lyft Series: Daily and Weekly Summaries and Payment

Lyft Series: Daily and Weekly Summaries and Payment

This is the only way you find out about how much you made each day and each week. It sucks that this isn’t available on the driver dashboard as a live tracker of your fares and tips.

Keep in mind that the client has 24 hours to finalize their donations so when the daily summaries come out (11am in Boston), some donations and tips may not be finalized yet. Most of the drivers wait for this email as this is the only indication of how much we made.  The amounts listed on the daily emails are the suggested donation with PTT. The only way you can be sure it is the finalized amount is when there is a black tip amount as this means the client added a tip onto the lyft. The donations are finalized and listed on the weekly summaries. The weekly summaries will also list how much will be deposited into your account later that week.  The weekly summaries come out on Tuesday Morning (9am in Boston) and the cash gets deposited on Wednesday.

The daily summaries will show your top rating and feedback for the day, reliability (only applicable if you reserved certain hours), and lyft accept rates. It won’t show you all the ratings for the day. This is listed on your weekly summaries. If you are still a Lyft new city, you would see another line item for New City Bonus to make up for the difference between you fares and the hourly minimum. If your fares exceed the hourly minimum for the day, you will not get the bonus.

If you reserved certain numbers of hours for the day and worked more than that during that day, you will get 100% reliability. I haven’t tested this to the extreme but you can start/end early or late, as long as you worked the same number of hours. I have started about 90 mins early and ended 90 minutes early and still got 100% reliability. The reliability rating also allows for you to take 15% of your requested time as breaks. Let’s say you reserved 300 minutes driving time (5 hours). You get 15% of that as a break so you can skip 45 minutes of your shift to rest, eat, use the bathroom, etc. Keep in mind that you wont be paid if you are on break, even if Lyft is paying the minimum hourly salary.

The weekly summaries will show a bit more information, other than your finalized earnings. It will show you your ratings for the week grouped as 5 star, 4 stars, etc, and for various aspect of the rating, which are safety, navigation, friendliness, and cleanliness. The weekly summaries will show you your final weekly payout as it comes out on Tuesday morning, more than 24 hours after your last lyft from last week (Monday, 5am).

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