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Uber Boston $20/hr Minimum Salary until February 16th!

Uber Boston $20/hr Minimum Salary until February 16th!

Uber has just announced a promotion where Uber drivers in at least Boston will get a $20/hr minimum salary for every hour they drive between now and February 16th. I would expect this to be the case in Seattle, Denver, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. as well since Lyft has removed what they called the floor (minimum salaries) from these cities.

Also new drivers get $500 for completing 20 rides and they get to keep 100% of all fares for the first 30 days! I just got this email an hour ago:

As an uberX driver you are revolutionizing how people move throughout a city. More importantly, we appreciate the great role you are playing in growing uberX in Boston!
Beginning today at 12pm, we are offering you a guaranteed $20 in fares per hour every day you drive with uberX.*
*Must accept at least 80% of requests and be within the Boston/Cambridge/ Somerville/Brookline area to qualify (see map here). Minimum guarantee valid throughFebruary 16.

Why drive with uberX?

  • Established customer base – means you’ll always be busy
  • Maximized earnings – Higher average fares during peak hours
  • Work any time, 24/7 – No scheduled shifts
  • Work anywhere 
  • Track earnings trip by trip with weekly driver summary reports
  • Fast and effective driver support team based in Boston

Don’t forget about the other incentives!

– 0% commission taken on any trips completed in the first 30 days you are actived after 1/1/14
– $500 for completing 20 trips total in the first 30 days you are active on the Uber system
– $250 for each referral of another driver in Boston’s existing ridesharing community, as soon as your referral completes 20 trips.You can send the email address and phone number of your referrals to partnersboston@uber.com and we can reach out to them directly, or submit them through the in-app referral system.
Thanks for reading and please reach out if you have any questions or comments.Uber On!
Uber Boston Operations Team


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